Sk1n Terra


Developed in Italy - Sk1n DNA is intimately connected to timeless and iconic European craftsmanship. Combining the enduring beauty of terracotta with contemporary ceramic techniques and colors, Sk1n offers a range of imaginative applications, from unique façades to distinctive roof lines - all united in one seamless material expression.

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Shades and sizes

Available sizes
(L x W x H)
Format 1
500 x 210 x 33 mm 19-11/16" x 8 1/4" 1 9/32"
Format 2
500 x 145 x 33 mm 19-11/16" x 5 11/16" x 1 9/32"

In praise of continuity

Clean and uniform lines without interruptions between walls and roof. Any design lover or expert would be delighted by such words. Sk1n Terra is the perfect match for this particular style: the innovative overlapping lines of the profile of a S.Anselmo terracotta façade will give your projects a sophisticated and harmonious look thanks to the use of one single material.

Easy to assemble

Sk1n is a terracotta ventilated façade system suitable for any kind of building shell – from walls to layered roofs. Designed to be assembled on waterproof structure, it is extremely easy to install: each piece is secured with screws or nails on horizontal wooden or steel battens. Horizontal joints are overlapped while vertical ones are misaligned, creating a rather exceptional visual effect.